Training Materials

Here are some training materials that have been suggested by our members.

Hello WISILL members,

I hope your dog training has been going well so far this year despite the strange times we are in. I wanted to take a minute to share some training materials I’ve found online. Note: These are not a substitute for following a proven program like Evan Graham Smartworks or Total Retriever Training with Mike Lardy, but they can be used as supplemental materials to address certain areas of improvement you may need to make with your retrievers.

The first is an attached 2MB pdf file containing 59 pages of Compiled Drills named (lrcgb-drills-handbook.pdf). This is from The Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston. Here is the link if the file did not come thru attached: The Author Notes that he is not aware of any other Compilation of Drills book other than “Building a Retriever by Carol F Cassity” 140 pages, Which costs around $25 and is choked full of Drills and info. You can see the table of contents here or it is available thru many online retailers.

Next is a link to the Lake Charles Retriever Club, where they have an extensive list of Free helpful training articles and information. Hopefully you are able to identify areas of improvement for you and your dog during our training sessions and hopefully some of these resources will help you address any of those areas for improvement during your training between club trainingdays. Many of you are just starting your journey down this path, decide your goals and standards, be consistent, do your homework and you will be rewarded for the work you put in. Nothing better than a compliment in public from a complete stranger about how well behaved your dog is. They don’t even know that your retriever would likely carry a shopping bag to the car if you asked them to. Good Luck to those running in any upcoming tests! Don Knott

You also have Dennis Voigt’s “ Training Retrievers Alone” and his “25 Essential Drills”. All excellent material. Drills are the foundation of all great retrievers.