Membership Application


Membership Application
Our Season Never Ends-We Can Hunt The Year Around Conceived by hunters for
That’s both the philosophy and the reality of HRC-The Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. The
HRC is the largest nationwide Hunting Retriever Organization devoted to perpetuating
The hunting instincts in the retriever breeds. HRC is only interested in testing the retriever
in true to life hunting situations. With HRC, you and your retriever will hunt to the gun.
Those that succeed will be awarded a Hunting Retriever Championship. No other
organization is awarding championship titles to our Hunting Retrievers. You are judged
by a standard, not dog against dog. HRC has something else no other group can lay claim
to – the backing of the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC) – the largest hunting dog registry
in the world. UKC sponsors more hunting dog events than any other organization. UKC
gave us the freedom to create the running rules and to run the events the way we know
they should be. United Kennel Club was created way back in 1898 – as a working dog
registry. If you can’t wait for hunting season to roll around so you can go hunting with
your dog, or want to learn more about training it to hunt and also have the opportunity to
compete in these events for a Hunting Retriever Champion title, then the HRC is for you.
The bi-monthly magazine, HUNTING RETRIEVER, will keep you informed on all the
activities, and it is included in the membership. This isn’t just a magazine either. The
writers include Jim Spencer and some of the most well known hunting retriever writers in
America. For all the details, contact HRC by filling out the application. Come join us in
this exciting hunting dog program.
To join our club, send the application and fee to:
C/O Dave Pesch
RACINE, WI 53406
City__________________________________ State______ Zip Code _____________
Telephone # (_____) _________________________
Email address _________________________________________________________
Are you a member of any retriever club [] Yes [] No
Type of WISILL Membership: Individual ($20________ Family ($25) _______

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